We plan to operate services and programs through our sister organizations, develop new organizations, and well as develop in-house services.  This hybrid approach will enable us to operate efficiently, professionally, and with agility.  

To begin, collaborating with our sister organizations IQRA Institute and ICNA Philly, we plan on building on our achievements and help laying the framework for future services for our community.  

Service highlights are listed below.


  • 5 daily prayers
  • Jummah prayer with qualified diverse Khateebs
  • Ramadan
    • Weekly Community Iftars
    • Last 10 days Qiyam programs
    • Weekend and Last 10 days Community Suhoor
    • Taraweh prayer with educational talks
  • Nikkah
  • Eid Salat
  • Halaqas
  • Any more!

adult islamic education

  • Programs run through IQRA Institute
  • Structured weekend seminars with dynamic, qualified teachers.
  • ADP (Associates Degree Program) in Islamic Studies, with a mix of traditional learning along with modern techniques.  Developed with the working professional and full time student in mind.
  • Guest Speakers from all over the country speaking about relevant topics to the American Muslim.
  • Quranic reading and Hifdh program for adults.

youth islamic education

  • Programs run through IQRA Academy
  • 5 year Boys and Girls Hifdh Program
  • Structured After School Program (ages 5-11), focusing on Quran, and Islamic studies and more.


  • Interfaith dialog and collaboration with our neighbors
  • Distribution of whyIslam materials and English Quraans.
  • Philanthropic community service
  • New Muslim Educational Program
  • New Muslim Mentorship
  • Facilitate visits for schools, media, government, and public agencies


  • Organization and collaboration of youth and adult sports and competitions
  • Collaboration with Muslim Sports Complex on organized running sports leagues
    • Basketball, Football, and future sports planned.


  • Play area for young children
  • Social space for youth
  • Co-working space and lounge for adults
  • Banquet facilities for social gatherings
  • Eid Festivals through IQRA Community collaboration