Phase 2 Fundraising Goal

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Our proposed center is in the heart of the fast growing 422 corridor, minutes off of the Oaks exit.  3.5 acres of land and 140 parking spaces has been developed.  Additional overflow of 100 parking spaces could be utilized.


ready to go pad-site

The lot is improved with a paved parking area (140 spaces, 8 handicapped), road improvements, fire hydrants, curb cuts, storm water retention and utilities.

Full Parcel View

Full Parcel View


PHASE 1 - Purchase lot - (completed 2/1/2018)

  • Purchase price: $1.35 million + closing costs + attorney fees/zoning needs = $1.5 million 
  • Obtain appropriate zoning for Community Center use. (COMPLETED, 9/29/17)
  • Complete property purchase. (COMPLETED 2/1/18)

PHASE 2 - interim space (2017-20) - current

  • Utilize partner organization IQRA Institute space for Jummah and other activities.

phase 2 - construct inital structure (2020) - IN PROGRESS

  • Build new structure that will include a mix of prayer space, classroom, and activity space.
    • Finalize Master Plan of Center Complex.
    • Develop with Architect construction documents to be approved for building permit
    • Raise funds for construction of Phase 2.
    • Become operational in new facility.  Migrate sister organization, IQRA Institute into new building.
  • Continue to pay off Qard-ul-Hasana annual payments.
  • Build monthly Sustainer base.

phase 3 - expansion of structure (2025)

  • Add on to existing structure with other portions of the Master Plan. (Exact plans TBD)
  • Raise funds for construction of Phase 3.
  • Build monthly Sustainer base.

phase 4 - construct Final portion of complex (2030)

  • Construct last portion of the Master Plan. (Exact plans TBD)