- Peace TV, Huda TV Host 

"Out of a hundred communities that I've visited in North America and Europe, I've had the honor of working with IQRA Institute several times, and I've rarely seen as professional, hard-working, and compassionate of an organization as this one. I am confident the Khair Inc. Community Center project will be a reflection of this, inshaaAllah.  May Allah bless their efforts and magnify their deeds."

Shaykh M. Elshinawy

- Da'wah Director, Muslims Giving Back

"After delivering just one seminar for IQRA Institute, I was determined to continue working with such a blessed bunch. Their preparation was timely, their marketing brought people from afar, and their volunteers were warm yet professional. Perhaps the strongest way to take our da'wah to a higher standard is by fully supporting those who don't settle for the status quo. For that reason, I say that endorsing the "Khair Inc. Community Center" project is not only rightly deserved, but is expected - insha Allah - to get all those around them to step up their game as well. May Allah purify their intentions and guide their every step."

imam kamil mufti (il)

- Resident Scholar IFP IL;  AMJA, NAIF Member

"I encourage all my brothers and sisters to wholeheartedly support Khair, Inc with their Dua first and foremost, and secondly with their naseeha and good council, and finally with their financial support.  Khair, Inc has the potential to become one of the best projects for Muslims and Non-Muslims of Philadelphia."

Shaykh Abdool Rehman Khan

- Chairman, Shari’ah Council of Islamic Circle of North America

"Alhumdullilah I have had the chance to work with the members of ICNA Greater Philadelphia.  They are a sincere group of individuals who strive passionately to establish the deen.  I look forward to the endeavors of the community and I know that these persistent members will do what ever it takes for this project to be successful. Inshallah there will be much baraka in their efforts and Allah (SWT) will make it easy for the community."